Carl, LA Tanning, Marple
Posted: 3rd January 2013

I have been a customer of the Storage Place for over 2 years now and would highly recommend to anyone considering self storage. I use my unit for stock that is waiting to be distributed to clients nationwide and the staff at the Storage Place are always on hand to help out. We use their goods-in service for palletised goods coming in from overseas and they also have large areas to accommodate unloading shipping containers. I have also used their distribution service for getting goods out to my customers when I am not available to do so. Simple

Andrew Hollins, Ashton under Lyne
Posted: 7th January 2013

I used the Storage Place while decluttering my house for a rewire, I took advantage of the 50% discount offer and took a large unit to start with, then as I organised things in storage I downsized to a smaller unit for longer term storage. I could come and go as I pleased and could put stuff in and take stuff out when I wanted. When I wanted to switch units it was hassle free and the use of their trucks and trollies made it easy ! Definitely use again.

Greg Keifer, Dukinfield
Posted: 25th June 2012

I have used the services of the Storage Place on and off for the last five years or so and have always been happy. I am a territory manager for Mars and need a goods-in service if I am not on hand to take delivery myself. The Staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and I would recommend to anyone. I have also used the DHL service they provide and find this very useful.

Danny Butroyd, Stalybridge
Posted: 1st March 2012

I used the Storage Place when I moved home. I used the free van and got a months free storage !! Couldn't be better.

James Leeming, Denton
Posted: 12th April 2012

Booked a unit at The Storage Place over the phone and everything was ready for me when I went to collect the free move-in van from Hyde last Saturday morning. The staff were great, they advised me very accurately as to which size would be best and got it spot on. Will definitely use again in the future.

Sarah Lewis, Tameside
Posted: 3rd July 2012

We used the Storage Place to store excess Christmas stock as I use ebay as a home business, the flexible unit contracts suited us perfectly as we started with a largish unit to get everything in and then when we had sorted through it gradually downsized over a period of 2 months. The first month free helped greatly with the cost. We used the fee van to get the goods from home to store as they paid the hire and insurance…..so it really is free (no hidden catches) !!

Matt Lomas, Stockport
Posted: 7th August 2012

I work for an air conditioning company based in Stockport and have used the Storage Place continuously over the last 8 years. We have all our equipment delivered into Hyde Storage Place so our engineers have a central stock and equipment store. We find it very useful not having to pay rates and utility bills, we just pay a reasonable monthly invoice and don't have to worry.

Ross King, Hyde
Posted: 12th September 2012

The Storage Place was the perfect solution for my work based stock and point of sale and I can upsize and downsize as necessary to accommodate fluctuating levels of flyers, displays etc rather than having them cluttering up my spare bedroom !! I usually pick my days supply up either in the morning or the night before so I am ready to hit the road.

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